About us

The Holy Spirit Night Movement consists of local Churches and Ministries that are passionate to see the outpouring and works of the Holy Spirit in their city. 20 years ago the Holy Spirit Night was established in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany and has since grown to a Europe-wide movement. We are represented in 6 countries and 18 cities with many different churches connecting with us to share the unstoppable message of the Gospel and the power of God’s works in this generation. We believe that right now is a very special time for all believers. We believe that real change and transformation can only happen through our partnership with the divine power of Heaven. Therefore the Holy Spirit Night Movement Team regularly meets, to live in discipleship with one another and with the Holy Spirit.

The connection and teamwork with the local Church is one of the most important factors in this movement. We also believe that the Holy Spirit is going to reach the hearts of various generations and church denominations to create a strong unity between them. We believe that through this unity signs and wonders, which only God can do, will be made possible. We want to empower the local church to create an atmosphere where a steadfast progress of fellowship and encountering the Holy Spirit is possible. Holy Spirit Night Events are organized by a local leadership-teams. All of the various locations and their leaders are connected through a regular joint movement-meeting. The Holy Spirit Night Movement consists of a small team which is creatively instructed and lead by Markus Wenz

Become a part
of the Community

Are you going to be at the Holy Spirit Night as a youth group? If so, you will have the opportunity to register to be a part of the movement. We will send you a monthly newsletter and on top of that you’ll get a HSN-Package once a year. This package includes a invitation to the HSN-Movement-Gathering and some specials for your local youth leaders. Thank you for your interest in a live-changing movement! Thank you for wanting to be part of the Holy Spirit Night Movement. We believe that every HSN-event has a lasting impact on your life. We stand together as one for a movement of the Holy Spirit in our generation. Our passion is to carry this encouraging message around the world, and we would love to keep you updated on everything thats going on to encourage you. Therefore we would share with you the latest testimonies, updates and progresses that are happening in our movement.

in your city

The Holy Spirit Night-Movement has an influence on many cities across Germany and Europe. People and churches from all over Europe are gathering together to experience a Holy Spirit Night. Are you a youth leader or part of a network that would like to host a Holy Spirit Night in your city? If so, then fill out this application and we will send your further information. 

Get involved
as a volunteer


Are you passionate about serving others so that they can experience a wonderful Holy Spirit Night? This Night is made possible because all kind of different churches are working together to realise it. We want you to be a part this. We want you to be a part of something bigger. We want you to find your place where you can serve and enjoy this special evening. In fact the Holy Spirit Night won’t take place without you!


Join us for a life giving and life changing year: Discover your God given purpose. We offer one year of full time leadership training and bible studies. Therefore we work closely together with the Revival Trainings Center in Stuttgart. Wes Hall, Markus Wenz and others will give teachings throughout the week. An internship at the Holy Spirit Night Movement will consist out of learning practical skills, which will empower you to live fully and equipped in your calling.

We are so grateful for your generosity that enables the Holy Spirit Night to bring practical & spiritual help across Europe. Every Euro counts and is a massive help to our visitors, to people with less money and to us. In addition to donating via the payment / bank information listed below, you also have the possibility to support the movement on a monthly basis. Monthly information, such as news and prayer requests, will be sent to you per e-mail – we will keep you up to date.

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